Infographic[1]Communication will never disappear. But our ways of communicating constantly change. The advent of new media has changed the way your organisation’s message is perceived by the target audience. Readers used to be proactive. But activity has gradually been replaced by passivity. Communication is everywhere and we consume it casually. Organisations must adapt to this new way of doing things in order to achieve the same goal. Reports, annual reports, offers and brochures should be presented in a simple and visually exciting way, so the reader can determine in one glance the essence of the message and what this means to him or her.

We have the expertise to help you with this translation – from your information to an accessible and visual story.


After an initial session with one of our advisors, in which you explain to us your product and message, we devise a draft-story. One of our graphics partners (Desktop publishers and artists) will design a series of visualisations. We then finalize the infographic in close consultation with you.

Infographics may be used as independent presentations but can also be used to support a written or verbal presentation. Your story will be adopted and understood better and faster by the media and other target audiences.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.