Charles Huijskens | Managing Partner

Drs. Charles L. Huijskens founded the firm in 1992. He is among the leading specialists in crisis communications in the Netherlands, and has extensive experience in financial and M&A communications. His clients include(d) Mirage (owner of Blokker),  ABN Amro and Chemours.

Charles is a former political journalist. He was a correspondent in The Hague and Brussels for De Telegraaf, the largest Dutch national newspaper, and for Dutch national TV news, the NOS Journaal. Charles has written several books on communications and PR. | LinkedIn
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Clemens Sassen | Partner

Clemens Sassen has extensive experience and expertise in corporate communication and financial communication in particular. Companies from various industries dealing with M&As, activist shareholders or impending bankruptcies are the type of clients he advises. In recent years, Clemens has specialised in the field of litigation-PR advising clients on their communication strategy in the run-up to and during court cases or legal disputes.

Clemens has completed a Master in European Union Studies at Leiden University and an Executive Master in Corporate Communications at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In this latest study, he researched the communication strategies of activist shareholders at listed companies. Clemens is also active as a board member of CDA Amsterdam, where he is responsible for press and communication. He is also part of the national campaign team for that party. Clemens is also a board member of the Vereeniging Nederlandsch Historisch Scheepvaart Museum, where he is responsible for membership recruitment and fundraising. | LinkedIn
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Jordi Bouman | Senior Director

Jordi Bouman is a Senior Director with Huijskens Sassen Communications, and a communications strategy and policy advisor with more than ten years of professional experience. He advises various leading organisations, both national and international, with a special focus on the tech industry, financial services and spatial development and planning.

In his work Jordi links communications strategies to policy questions, and his experience includes corporate communications, issues and stakeholder management, internal and external policy trajectories, public affairs, and media intelligence. | LinkedIn
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Sivan Ben Hamo | Advisor

Sivan Ben Hamo is employed as a communications advisor at Huijskens Sassen for clients in various sectors. Currently, Sivan is working on secondment for a trade organisation active in the financial industry. Previously, she worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a policy officer and as a financial trainee at the Ministry of Defence. Due to her broad interest in and knowledge of the private and public sector, she valuably contributes to strategic communication products.

Sivan studied Dutch language and culture at the University of Amsterdam (2015-2018).  Subsequently, she completed a Master in International Relations at Leiden University (2019). | LinkedIn

Lotte van der Woerd | Advisor

Lotte van der Woerd is an advisor at Huijskens Sassen Communications. Building on her previous experience at other agencies, Lotte is well equipped to advise various national and international clients in areas such as public relations, issue and stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility, public affairs and media intelligence.  

Lotte completed the Bachelor of Communication Science and the Master of Corporate Communication at the University of Amsterdam. For her bachelor thesis, she conducted research about the spillover effects of news on the reputation of Dutch banks. For her master thesis, she did similar research, but into the reputations of Dutch ministries. | LinkedIn

Claudia Bruinsma | Junior Advisor

Claudia Bruinsma is employed as a junior advisor at Huijskens Sassen Communications. She prepares (social) media reports, advises clients, and assists the other advisors in their projects. Claudia is currently completing a BSc in Communication Science and History at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, she gained experience in the commercial department of daily newspaper NRC. With her working experience and knowledge gained at university, Claudia makes a valuable contribution to the office. | LinkedIn

Floor Hagens | Junior Advisor

Floor Hagens works as a junior advisor at Huijskens Sassen Communications. She supports the team with media trainings, advising clients and she prepares (social) media reports. Floor is currently completing her Political Science studies at the University of Amsterdam. Thanks to her specialization in International Relations, she has a broad knowledge of politics and is a valuable contributor to the team. | LinkedIn

Renée Wirtjes | Media Analyst

Renée Wirtjes works as a media analyst at Huijskens Sassen Communications. Since English is her mother tongue, she mainly serves international clients. Renée’s understanding of the financial sector enables her to give clients a clear interpretation of the daily news.

Renée recently completed the BSc in Econometrics & Operational Research and is currently studying Finance (MSc) at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Renée gained valuable experience as External Relations board member of the Financial Study Association. Due to her study background and work experience, Renée has extensive economic knowledge. | LinkedIn

Iza Smit | Media Analyst

Iza Smit works at Huijskens Sassen Communications as a media analyst. In this role, she provides various clients with information who are mainly active in retail and real estate. Based on the news reports that Iza compiles, clients get a clear understanding of the reputation of their company and industry.

During her studies Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, Iza is gaining knowledge about the role of communication within organisations and the importance of traditional and social media regarding stakeholder management. Previously Iza was a communications intern at Ukoo Capital. | LinkedIn

Sander Alberdingk Thijm | Media Analyst

Sander Alberdingk Thijm is employed at Huijskens Sassen Communications as a media analyst. Sander is responsible for collecting and processing information and news items. Based on the daily reports that Sander compiles, the office's clients are supported in making  strategic choices.

Sander is currently studying Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. In the past, Sander has worked at a legal advice centre, at a national career platform and at a consultancy and law firm. With his legal knowledge and work experience, Sander is able to advise companies from different sectors. | LinkedIn

Jacqueline Verheul | Media Analyst

Jacqueline Verheul works as a media analyst at Huijskens Sassen Communications. Her activities include daily monitoring of news and sending news reports to various clients of the office.

Jacqueline studied Communication Science (BSc) and is currently completing her MSc Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. At the same time, she is gaining relevant working experience in a student advisory group. Jacqueline possesses knowledge of the rapidly changing media landscape and she has experience in providing communication advice. | LinkedIn

Peter de Bie | Trainer

Our training courses are mainly provided by Peter de Bie, a successful radio maker, documentarist and the former Editor in Chief of TV programme ‘Radar’. He is known for, amongst other things, the popular radio programme ‘Nieuwsweekend’, which broadcasts on Saturday morning on NPO Radio 1.

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Harry van Gelder | Trainer

Harry van Gelder provides media training at Huijskens Sassen Communications and works on a project basis for some of the firm's clients. He studied history in Nijmegen and was a highly reputable journalist for 23 years at De Volkskrant and almost 13 years at DFT, the Financial Telegraph. During that time, he wrote ground-breaking articles on mainly financial issues. He is the co-author of the successful book ‘Het teken van de Toekan’, which is about the fraudulent practices of the country's most famous hotel and catering dynasty Van der Valk. He was also part of the jury for several years of the ‘Zilveren Camera’, an annual press photography award. Since 2019 he gives communication advice.

 | LinkedIn

Roeji Wolsink | ICT

Roeji Wolsink has extensive experience and expertise in the field of ICT. In addition to the maintenance of the daily communications and IT infrastructure at Huijskens Sassen. | LinkedIn