Writing for (new) media

Schrijven voor de (nieuwe) media

Public opinion is made on the front pages of our major newspapers. But when journalists are inundated with press releases and interview requests, pressed for time and spoiled for choice, how do you stand out from the pack and command attention?

This training course lasts a day and a half and will teach you how to navigate the treacherous media landscape. You will learn how to write press releases, reports and opinion pieces. We use practical examples, tailored to your specific situation.

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After completing the course:

  • You will be able to navigate the media landscape
  • You will understand more about how journalists select news
  • You will be able to write press releases, interviews, opinion pieces and reports
  • You will be able to formulate texts in a quick, efficient and reader-friendly way
  • You will be able to properly communicate your organisation’s story to your target audience