Our Network


The Crisis & Litigation Communicators Alliance (CLCA) is an international network of independent, owner managed PR firms who specialise in Litigation and Crisis PR. CLCA helps clients with the protection of their reputation in emergency and dispute situations. CLCA’s members have extensive experience helping clients with the management of their reputation during legal disputes whilst legal proceedings are being prepared, taken or when a case is up for trial. We represent parties in a wide range of litigation scenarios, such as class actions, commercial contractual disputes, environmental disasters, and regulatory investigations, among others.


IvCB, based in The Hague, is one of the leading Public Affairs and stakeholder management firms in the Netherlands and Gold Affiliate partner of FTI Consulting. IvCB helps clients with a social added value and a good story to engage in constructive dialogues with politicians, society and journalists in order to realise their objectives. In realising this, we ensure the effective management of the client’s interests with long-term stakeholder relations based on trust while aiming to strengthen the position and to improve the reputation of the clients organization.

IvCB specializes in healthcare and life sciences, the financial sector, all parties involved in the energy transition and the sustainability of the Netherlands, and the public sector. IvCB has a strong network at the political-administrative level, years of experience, and creative problem-solving ability in complex issues.